The subjects are Romanian Language and Literature and Mathematics and additionally the language of the school for ethnic minority schools or classes and for bi-lingual schools. The passing mark is 5 for each of the exams. Despite the exams are being published and the marks are public, lists being placed both in schools and on the Internet. After the 8th grade, students go to secondary education, for at least two years. Various types of vocational schools exist in Romania for students who do not have a sufficiently high grade to enter academic high school, because the first two years of secondary education are compulsory. A national computer system does the repartition, by taking into account students in the order of their preferences and their “admission grade”.

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It is a tour which will take thru all the important historical areas of Romania, pointing out their own identity. The many cultural connections and exclusive visits are meant as a window into the Romanian culture and civilization, with old and new. The tour is further customizable. Mamaia is one of the most famous resorts from the Romanian Black Sea Coast.

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Continue to the small Cozia Monastery to discover one of the most important monuments of national medieval art in Romania. After a break for lunch in a traditional Romanian restaurant, drive through the stunning Translyvanian landscape to Sibiu, historic capital of the Principality of Transylvania. The former German medieval citadel, with documentation dating back to , is one of the most beautiful towns in Romania, with many historic buildings that you will explore on a walking tour of the Old Town.

In the evening, enjoy a traditional Romanian dinner, with overnight accommodation in Sibiu town center. After breakfast, depart Sibiu for the Biertan commune, where you will tour one of the most important Saxon villages of fortified churches in Transylvania, including the largest fortified church in Transylvania, built between and After lunch, head to Brasov, surrounded by the Southern Carpathians.

The first documented evidence of the medieval citadel dates back to After exploring the Old Church and the 19th century Great Church, drive back to Bucharest for the end of your tour. See more See less.

SIBIU – (Si’biw)

Romania Must See Please keep in mind that any of the programs mentioned can be changed according to your desire! Your English speaking guide will rmeet you in the airport. Transfer to your centrally located hotel, with a brief presentation of Bucharest.

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The four turrets situated on top of the steeple were a sign to let foreigners know that the town had the right to sentence to death. History The Sibiu Lutheran Cathedral was built in the 14th century on the location of another 12th-century church. Today the newer organ is the largest in the southeastern region of Europe. During the summer, there are concerts every Wednesday night.

It was raised in the 14th century on the location of an old Roman church dating from the 12th century. The building is dominated by the seven level tower with the four towers on the corners, a mark showing that the city had the right of condemnation. With a height of At the present there exist two other organs made by this company in Berlin — Tempelhof and in Talin — Dom.

In the organ undergoes complex renovation works, nowadays being the largest in the South-Eastern Europe. The mobile inventory of the Evangelic Church in Sibiu, one of the most impressive gothic halidoms in Romania, is particularly valuable. Even though a series of cult pots, made in gilded silver by famous craftsmen in Sibiu such as Sebastian Hann, are not accessible to the public, other valuable pieces can be admired by the visitors inside the church.

In the choir, in the church axis, one can find one of the most beautiful bronze fonts existing in our country.

lunch to Butoil de aur – Butoiul de Aur

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romanian culture dating. The culture of romania is the product of its geography and its distinct historical is theorized and speculated that romanians and the vlachs aromanians, megleno-romanians, and istro-romanians are of descendants of roman colonists and people indigenous to the region who were dacian people, one of the major indigenous peoples , like a.

Tweet Most of these monuments are included in our tours in Transylvania. More tours on www. The fortified church of Biertan Location: Located only a 30 minutes drive from Sighisoara , Biertan was centuries ago a prosperous village competing with nearby Mosna and Medias for regional control. The construction of an imposing fortified church was yet another element used to increase its chances in this political race. Not to mention its unique locking system of the vestry door and the marital prison organized in one of its towers.

Go on a day trip to the nearby medieval towns of Medias and Sighisoara. The fortified church of Prejmer Location: Attacked 50 times, but conquered only once in , this almost invincible monument dates from the beginning of the 13th century when the Teutonic Knights started building it. The church was enlarged and fortified with high and solid enclosing walls in the following centuries. No other fortified church from Transylvania has so many storage spaces and rooms where villagers lived during the numerous sieges endured centuries ago.

The fortified church of Harman Location:

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Redsparow, Russia Clean and nice hotel Location excellent to start exploring the the city Greater Square The room brings a good story of the times that passed Clean sheets and very good mattresses It was a nice touch with the medieval times. Dan, Romania The hotel is right in the big square in Sibiu, in the city center, so you are close to all the major attractions in the city, a walking distance to all the points you need to check in into your list when you visit Sibiu, the hotel is renovated keeping in mind the architecture and the room decoration which was used in the old times.

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Education in Romania is compulsory for 11 years (from the preparatory school year to the tenth grade). With the exception of kindergarten (preschool) and tertiary education (university) the private sector has a very low presence in the Romanian education system.

It is a travel back in time. Part of the Sibiu county, it is just 30km from Sighisoara and 81km from Sibiu. The easiest way to reach Biertan is buy car or public bus from Sighisora. Saros pe Tarnave, Scaroch in German, boasts an interesting fortified church built in the 14th century, too. Few tourist stop here although, many of the heading off straight to Biertan.

Biertan is one of the oldest Saxon settlements from Transylvania. The first inhabitants came here in the 13th century, the first document mentioning Biertan dating back to They were brought in Transylvania by the Hungarian kings who had wanted to secure the borders of their newly conquered territory, to enclose the local population and to develop the local economy.

The Germans had received many privileges and agreed to emigrate to Transylvania. Initially they had built 7 cities but then they built many others. For centuries the Germans kept their traditions, language and their own way of living. They developed the economy and the constructions of Transylvania like no one else.

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The city is served by five rail stations: It has an important diesel-powered locomotives depot and a freight terminal. Cycling[ edit ] Over the last six years, Sibiu has enjoyed a revival of cycling. The bicycle way in the city span for 43 kilometers. Bicycle rentals have offered a boost for the local economy with several small rental centers and a bigger rental center that is administered by the I’Velo Bike Sharing group. Culture[ edit ] Sibiu is one of Romania’s most culturally lively cities.

It has 2 theatres and a philharmonic orchestra along with other smaller private theatrical venues and a theatre studio housed by the Performing Arts and Acting section of Lucian Blaga University , where students hold monthly representations. It has both a Romanian-language and a German-language section, and presents an average of five shows a week. The Gong Theatre is specialised in puppetry, mime and non-conventional shows for children and teenagers.

It also presents shows in both Romanian and German. The State Philharmonic of Sibiu [23] presents weekly classical music concerts, and educational concerts for children and teenagers.

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