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Reputation is an idle and most false imposition. I recently undertook a reputation grind with my Warden in Lord of the Rings Online, another of those grouting duties that I usually avoid on my various characters, only ever achieving maximum status with the various factions in MMOs through the incidental advancement that occurs during the course of levelling a character.

Being at the level cap and not being of a raiderly mindset, however, I find myself wanting to overpaint the canvas of my character in other ways. Of course, Completion and Customisation can both be advanced through raiding and PvP, but there are also other shades of game-play in which the two can be mixed.

Roleplay online, your favorite character from a book, TV show, video game, or movie through creative writing in a private, one-on-one environment.

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Originally posted by Mardukk Originally posted by Ehliya Turbine now has scrolls you can buy in the cash store to max out your crafting skills? I had to look twice and read that again slowly. Cash-shop whoring some of the most devoted fans in the fantasy genre. Not sure how much worse it can get. I can’t believe they sell scrolls to instant max crafting tiers. Ok 1st off there is nothing in the store that give you instant max tier.

My kinship alone has over 20 people on at any giving time and we are a smaller kin. ROR has been there best expansion since Moria, once they release the instances might pass it up. So people can say turbine sucks and has made mistakes but the game is still alive and well.

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Posted by thekhazadguard I was recently intrigued by a post on the forums, where someone had spotted the fact that the famous Gotlandic picture stone depicting Sleipnir and a Valkyrie had been used, very cleverly, as the new superior scholars craft object. A period I have always loved, and been fortunate enough to work on sites from, is the Early medieval period in Britain, often called the Anglo-Saxon or Viking period.

This era stretched from just after the Romans relinquished control of the lands they occupied in the British Isles around the beginning of the 5th century, to the 11th century following the conquest of Britain by the Normans themselves actually descended from Vikings over a period of years after It was a period dominated by the Pagan originated cultures of Norway, Denmarks, Sweden, the Netherlands, and Northern Germany, and is a period from which in Britain, and abroad, many of the historic texts Tolkien loved originated, and many of the cultures he designed had their roots.

Working on any period in archaeology means you build up a mental collage of designs and objects from the period of study. This is especially true when you have a finds specialism as I do, where over time you build up a mental reference library of information and images from which you draw parallels, and avenues of research, and comparison, to the current objects you may be studying. The below image is taken from the Cliving mead hall, and the dark design on the pillars is a texture used in Rohan, and is immediately recognisable as a piece of Urnes style art from the late viking period 11th th century , usually found on stave churches.

Compare it with the below panel from the actual stave chruch at Urnes I am fairly certain that the texture is actually a Photoshop manipulated version of this carving, as I can see the same tendrils and terminals as on the above examples, though it has been carefully Photoshopped to form a closed figure of eight, more suitable for game textures I sure hope they paid their usage fees if they got it off the web! You will see this texture tweaked and reworked, again and again, in Rohan, from small details and architectural features, to chunks of barge boards on building eaves, but especially in Cliving where it forms a large percentage of the textures used.

Another nice touch are the following carvings, found even more commonly. You can see the largest unmanipulated chunks on the large pillar to the right of the door, and the diagonal beams in the roof, and more heavily manipulated on the pillars and other surfaces. Theses are clearly derived from a beautiful series of acanthus scroll carvings a sample image of them below , also from a Norwegian stave church, and particularly these examples from Heddal stave church in Norway also below.

As before there has been a lot of manipulation and Photoshop work to stitch these together and adapt to a usable pattern, but there are still large and readily identifiable portions, and they can be seen on many elements from beams and eaves boards, to the Rohan milestone.

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I have recently migrated from that game to this one. Before I get started I’d like to state my particular specialty is abstracting the API already in place in games such as WoW so they are modular and easy to use, and no, I don’t mean Ace2. Though really in a more general sense I abstract with all my projects, rendering engines, etc.

Apr 05,  · I hit 35 over the weekend. You get the quest from Éogar, son of Hadorgar at the Bree-land Horse field. The quest did not actually show up until I clicked on him for me. Getting the skill involves 4 quests. The first 3 involves bringing a certain horse to a stable master in a certain.

Vous pouvez cliquer sur l’image pour l’agrandir: Certains sont agonisant, voire morts: Ils agitent des bouts de tissu pour se faire remarquer. L’homme peint en ombre chinoise vient d’entendre ce qui se passe, n’y croit pas encore. Elle est bien plus proche que le minuscule navire au loin , elle est presque aussi grande que le radeau, et n’a pas fini encore de grandir. Vous le saurez en lisant

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The latest Tweets from LOTRO (@lotro). Welcome to the Official Twitter feed for The Lord of the Rings Online, the only massively-multiplayer game based on J.R.R. Tolkien’s masterpiece!. Needham, MAAccount Status: Verified.

PvP at least worked before Turbine started paying it attention. Then it just became a p2w-fest and killed it off entirely. It’s all too far gone to save. I agree with this on a personal level. First post here although I consider this forum superior to the official one where most of my posts over the years were confined to grants on rank x threads. Just wanted to try to give some personal observations about the Moors from behind the curtain.

And neither of us, particularly Jen, could devote our sole attention to PvMP. After the debacle PvMP-wise of Book 6 MoM and the post-MoM layoffs with the attendant hiring freeze , it became pretty clear we were not going to be able to do anything ambitious in the Moors. Firstly, sheer lack of bandwidth: Secondly, Book 6 suggested that trying to force in changes was at least as likely to hurt as help.

LOTRO – Mordor Expansion: Pre-Order Details & Release Date