It is a continuation of previous posts. Concerning the the start of stamping continuing through the Vietnam era, it has already been noted that in about the font geometry of the blade stamp changed. So if one is looking at a knife from the Vietnam era say Type 1 has been described in detail previously as the stamp font used from the start of the Randall stamping until Type 2 was used apparently concurrently with Type 1 from about , or even possibly as early as , or so time has not been fully defined to about late Most SS marked blades have this type stamp, but not all. Type 3 has already been noted as the stamp geometry adopted post early

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Liked 5, Times in 1, Posts chief, I’ll copy the pertinent information from the book I have: After the patent was granted, the blade stamp changed to Pat’d. The patent ran out in However, judging from the scarcity of marked specimens, it does not appear the mark went much beyond Thumb rest styling changed from the original checkering to a fine file back circa , a comb back circa and finally to no thumb rest in New Century production.

knife knotes part v. Updated 7/8/ Stars in Blue. Most knife dating is accomplished by the spacer arrangement and thickness. Another often quoted way is by the sheath or more specific by the Buttons or Snaps used on the sheath. The Randall Knife Information Collection CD by Intersquare which is a copy of all the Randall Knife Society.

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Early to mid 90’s would be my guess but I don’t recall off hand. I’ve been trying to gather Date material for TC’s but not being able to get in touch with TCA has slowed me down greatly Greg in Malad , Seneca’s are very much saught after

Randall Model Multi purpose hunting fighting knife. The blade is 6″ stainless steel not sharp on top. The handle is stacked leather, red white and blue spacers with single guard and acorn pommel.

My latest Gerber Mk-II purchase. Yes my wife is going to kill me, but there are somethings a man has to do You can almost see the outline in the image. If they wanted a sterile knife, why then would they add the SF crest? Perhaps they added it later in retirement? The serial number places the date of manufacture in This is long after Vietnam but there were other conflicts aplenty to go fight in.

No grey handled knives at that late date. It looks like the same person sanded off the black finish in the middle of the handle to make it look like a gray handle. Maybe they just didn’t like the basic black look and in could not buy a grey one. A quick lick with a diamond hone had the edges ready to slice and dice again. Valor Knives made some fair quality replicas, in the day. Whomever performed the work did a superb job of grinding the blade.

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Mini screwdriver designed to fit within the corkscrew Scale tools: The models were never sold in the United States due to lack of safety features. The technological tools included a laser pointer, and detachable flash drive with fingerprint reader.

Randall Snedigar is 44 years old and was born on 3/21/ Currently, he lives in Dayton, OH. Sometimes Randall goes by various nicknames including randall e snedigar and randall e sneddigar. His ethnicity is Native American.

Well, a little history here to clarify before I go on then First and foremost, I’m a shooting enthusiast The main focus being on. Unfortunately, the ‘political climate’ here currently doesn’t lend itself well to free range shooting of said weapons. As such, my wife Edna and I have taken up knife collecting in the mean time Being that there is very little useful information in print on these knives, we’re researching and documenting them from a historical perspective.

We’re also publishing our findings in the KnifeForums. That said, to date we’ve submitted a seven part series on dating RMK’s via their various characteristics over the years, the last of which will be published in the April issue of ‘KnifeForums, the magazine’.

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Like the straight razor, the navaja’s blade folds into the handle when not in use. A popular slang term for the navaja in the 19th century was herramienta, which translates as ” iron tool”. The rise in popularity of the navaja occurred at a time of increased restrictions upon the wearing of swords and other bladed weapons by persons outside the Spanish nobility.

Gerber Guardian II knife. Serial AS. These knives are rare and were discontinued years ago. Even rarer with the factory camo. $

Many of the most common are found on this page. Please review these for an answer to your question and if you cannot find it please do not hesitate to contact us. Ordering Order Processing — How are orders processed in terms of priority? But it should be noted that most of our dealers submit orders consistently every year, so they will receive knives on a regular basis.

Are your knives available for immediate shipment? Unfortunately, we do not have knives available from stock. Demand is generally so great for all models that we normally have a backlog of years. Currently, we are scheduling knife deliveries into year , 5 years production. Randall knife order limit is one knife every three months per household.

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Although he was horrified at the use to which it was being put, Randall admired the knife so much that he decided to make himself one like it. He did, and someone asked to buy it. After this happened several times in succession, Randall thought that it might be a good idea to produce these handcrafted works of art on a regular basis. In , he founded Randall Made Knives. In doing so, he quite probably also founded the entire benchmade knife business as we know it today.

Today for sale we have a WWII era Randall Made Model 1 knife. This knife was manufactured when Randall knives was still custom making knives in Springfield Massachusetts. As you can see in the pictures thisknife has been through a lot.

Why is the Star of David on the sword of the Marines? Anyone with a historical note on this. This is what I found: The above reference comes from JewishMarines. If the sword is made by the Wilkinson Sword Company the Star of David is on the hilt because the company was founded by a Jew, and the swords made by the direct descendants all have the Star of David on the hilt. Are either of the above known to be true or are they urban legends?? I have no source documentation to compare this with.

Not even the “Old Guard” has that privilege.

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