Origins[ edit ] A university in the city of Canterbury was first considered in , when an anticipated growth in student numbers led several residents to seek the creation of a new university, including Kent. However, the plans never came to fruition. In the Education Committee of Kent County Council explored the creation of a new university, [17] formally accepting the proposal unanimously on 24 February The name adopted reflected the support of both the city and county authorities; as well as the existence of the University of Canterbury in New Zealand, which officially opposed the use of a name too similar to its own. However, the four original colleges — Darwin, Eliot, Keynes and Rutherford — remain, together with the newer Woolf and Turing colleges, each with their own masters. In July the tunnel collapsed, damaging part of the Cornwallis Building, which sank nearly a metre within about an hour on the evening of 11 July. In the university opened the University Centre at Tonbridge now the University of Kent at Tonbridge for its School of Continuing education , helping to enhance the availability of teaching across the county. Initially based at Mid-Kent College, a new joint campus opened in

University of Kent

The South is an old place, rich in mystery and folklore. There are strange goings-on within its reaches that defy explanation. Stories of feral beasts and eerie lights have captivated Southerners for centuries.

Kent State University The LCI Characterization Facility, located on the ground floor of the north section of the Liquid Crystal and Materials Sciences Building, is an open access user facility to provide a comprehensive series of instruments and analytical tools to conduct structural, physical, chemical and electrical characterization of.

Lana is also one of the few people who are aware that Superman and Clark Kent are one and the same. Contents Biography Earth-One In the original Superboy stories, Lana was the girl who lived next door to the Kent family in Smallville, and was a romantic interest of Superboy. In the Silver Age stories, Lana often behaved like a younger version of Lois, spending much of her time trying to prove that Superboy and Clark Kent were one and the same.

At one point, Lana once rescued an insect-like alien trapped by a fallen tree in Smallville. In gratitude, the alien gave her a “bio-genetic” ring which allowed Lana to gain insect and insect-like, such as arachnids characteristics. Lana created a yellow honeybee-like costume and mask, and took the name “Insect Queen”, under which identity Lana had several adventures. Lana also had various adventures with Superboy, and several with the futuristic superhero team the Legion of Super-Heroes.

After Clark and Lana graduated from high school, Lana went to college, and eventually became a television reporter; as an adult, she became a rival to Lois Lane for Superman’s romantic affection in various s stories, often appearing in the title Superman’s Girlfriend, Lois Lane. Her attraction to Superman during this time had also died off, leaving Superman to Lois. Lana later became romantically linked to the alien super-hero Vartox.

Eventually, she and Clark Kent became romantically involved in stories prior to the Crisis on Infinite Earths.


Whatsapp In a life bookended by tragedy, Prince Nico Mbarga poured joy into music, including the most popular song in African history. But his own story has never been told — until now. Twenty years ago the man who recorded one of the most successful songs of all time was thrown off a motorbike by a car in Calabar, Nigeria. He hit his head on the road and was rushed to the hospital, where he lay for two weeks, in and out of consciousness, but deteriorating all the time.

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But when did textile printing originate, and how can we identify the fabrics, inks, dyes, and printing processes used on surviving historical examples? Joan Severa Filed under: Using images and writings, she shows how even economically disadvantaged Americans could wear styles within a year or so of current fashion. This desire for fashion equality demonstrates that the possession of culture was more important than wealth or position in the community.

Arranging the photographs by decades, Severa examines the material culture, expectations, and socioeconomic conditions that affected the clothing choices depicted. Her depth of knowledge regarding apparel allows her to date the images with a high degree of accuracy and to point out significant details that would elude most observers.

Nancy Rexford Filed under: Over four hundred clear and detailed drawings make identification as simple and accurate as possible. Wearing pantaloons was considered a subversive act and was often met with social ostracism. Patricia A Cunningham Filed under:

SPLAT mental math

Previous Next Brunel is a campus-based university situated in Uxbridge, West London, and is home to nearly 15, students from over countries worldwide. Founded in , our distinctive mission is to combine teaching and research excellence with the practical and entrepreneurial approach pioneered by its namesake, Isambard Kingdom Brunel. London a Tube Ride Away The University is just a minute walk — or a short bus ride — from Uxbridge underground station, so it is a straightforward journey into the centre of the capital.

There is also a night bus that can bring you from central London to the edge of the campus.

TeleProductions is Kent State University’s full-service video production center. For 50 years, TeleProductions’ professionals have provided the university and the surrounding community with a wide range of media services, technical and instructional support .

Little did they know that they would decide to start dating almost 10 years later. Mary Central Catholic H. After flirting with each other, Devon finally asked Alivia to homecoming. Later that year on March 5, , Devon finally asked Alivia to be his girlfriend. The rest is history! During this time at Kent, Alivia and Devon adopted their precious daughter, Izzy: The Proposal After Devon graduated from Kent and started his first job, Alivia started to have suspicions that Devon was going to propose to her.

Alivia was nervous that Devon was going to propose to her at the end of the game during the fireworks. When this didn’t happen she figured that he was going to wait for another day. When everyone went back to Alivia and Devon’s apartment, Alivia opened the door and found the entire apartment decorated with pictures from the previous five years of their relationship.

Kent State Shootings: Digital Archive

What is a thesis or dissertation anyway? Whether this encompasses laboratory or field study typical of the natural sciences , surveying and statistical analysis typical of the social sciences or a critical analysis of some facet of an earlier body of work typical of the humanities , the key is that it must contain original and new data or theories that ADD to the body of existing knowledge, otherwise, it’s just a glorified high school theme or term paper.

There are no prescribed lengths for these documents, although individual universities may require a certain minimum number of pages. In a recent biography of Carl Sagan, it was mentioned that his Ph. Generally, it is the content rather than the length that is important in a thesis.

Jeff Richmond is a member of the following lists: American male composers, People from Portage County, Ohio and Kent State University alumni. Contribute Help us build our profile of Jeff Richmond!

Jonathan Kent in Season One Jonathan Kent had an average look to his person, with dark blond hair and sky blue eyes: He was around the same height as his son Clark and would nearly always wear simple clothes that consisted of plaid, low collar shirts and blue jeans. Jonathan Kent’s spirit in Season Ten Jonathan kept his hair cropped short in the early s while he was seen with medium length hair in late to early Perry White once mistakenly wore Jonathan’s jacket because he didn’t know that it belonged to Jonathan and Clark also wore it once.

He believed people should be honest, ethical and, like himself, upfront and sincere. He grew to resent his father and by the time Hiram died, Jonathan had many things he never got to say and lived the rest of his life regretting the breakdown of their relationship. He was extremely influential in helping Clark adjust to his abilities and cope with being different.

He believed that Kryptonians were evil and that Clark only escaped his “evil” nature because he was raised with human values. Jonathan also believed that emotions such as love and compassion are synonymous with humans Although the fact that his only real contact with Kryptonians at this point in his life were the Disciples of Zod and the seemingly manipulative Jor-El would have doubtless impacted his opinion. Jonathan enjoyed football, but managing the farm left him with little time for any other hobbies or interests.

Later on, in Metropolis , Clark as Kal under the influence of Red kryptonite, steals an item from a vault in LuthorCorp Plaza , as well as gets confronted by his father and Jonathan runs at him extremely fast and they fall out a window. In Phoenix , down below, they take part in a superpowered fight and Jonathan eventually convinces Clark to smash the ring and come home to face his problems and then Jor-El immediately leaves Jonathan’s body, although it is later revealed that he retained a direct connection with Jor-El.

In Legacy , Johathan, after returning from the hospital, is on the roof installing a weather vane, despite his wife’s concerns. Then suddenly out of no where, he hears a high pitched whine ringing sound due to his connection with Jor-El and falls off the roof, but Clark manages to save him.


Founded in , Kent State is currently ranked by the Carnegie Foundation among the nation’s top 77 public research universities and was recognized by Times Higher Education as being among the top universities in the world. We offer a broad range of acclaimed academic programs and internationally respected faculty and researchers who are dedicated to your success.

Approximately 2, international students from nearly countries are currently enrolled at KSU.

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Share shares Made-up from head-to-toe in black paint with a thick white panel along the front of their bodies, the women mimicked the look of an Orca whale. PETA noted that in the wild, Orcas form complex relationships, work cooperatively to find food and traverse up to miles in the ocean every day. Whale of a tale: The trio went entirely nude for the advert, with their bodies painted to look like the orcas they’re trying to protect from the wildlife-themed amusement park Killer: Made-up from head-to-toe in black paint with a thick white panel along the front of their bodies, the women mimicked the look of an Orca whale ‘When I saw the documentary Blackfish, it literally changed my entire life,’ Kent, 27, said in a clip.

The organization also claimed that Orcas at SeaWorld are housed in incompatible groups inside tiny tanks, and some have even been given the drug Diazepam to manage their stress-induced aggressive behavior. Set in front of a large blue splash of water, the advert says, ‘Come together to free the Orcas from SeaWorld’ Brutal: Kent has been inspired to protect the killer whales for a while and has even gone as far as getting a permanent tattoo inked on to her body.

The women have a history of protecting animals and are also known for their work with their boss Lisa Vanderpump’s foundation, Vanderpump Dogs. Kent has been inspired to protect the killer whales for a while and has even gone as far as getting a permanent tattoo inked on to her body Sad: