What is the largest RV you can accommodate? Spaces are back-in sites and accommodate up to 60 ft. Spaces are pull-through sites and accommodate up to 75 ft. How do we make a reservation? Can I pay for my stay upon arrival? But only prepaid reservations are guaranteed. Any available sites are first-come, first-serve. Always first check the reservation sheet and second call to confirm openings. There is a self check-in form and drop box at the site. What are the rental rates for the RV Park?

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The park is quiet since everyone is at work. The grounds are all gravel and the sites are close together. However, there are both shady AND sunny spaces, so ask for your preference. The location is great, but signage would be helpful. I came off the highway and would have liked an arrow at the park entrance pointing to the office.

Water Sports Campground and RV Park, Dodge City, Kansas. Water Sports Campground and RV Park is a campground located in Dodge City. A serene family park, Water Sports Campground and RV Park offers plenty of cool, carefree open space with shady and grassy sites on .

Wifi not so good. The Road out was into a very busy road so you have be patient. Easy to move about. The landscaping is beautiful and you wind thru tall pines and around a couple of small lakes as you pass by sites that include bushes and other plantings. This is not your usual “put all the boxes in a row” RV parks. Check-in was easy and the lady at the front was polite and helpful.

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Follow this guide to properly winterize and prepare your RV for long or short term storage. It is safe for fresh water plumbing. You can also contact our Service Department to have us winterize your camper. Let’s begin by talking about how your RV water system works. From the fresh water tank, a water pump is used to push water through the RV.

No pump is needed for water coming from the city hookup.

Water Pressure Regulator – 3 / 4″ Brass Camco Brass Water Pressure Regulator helps to protect the RV and boat plumbing and hoses from damage caused by high-pressure city water.

Protection of the RV plumbing system and related components is especially important. A local RV dealer or service tech is best suited to answer any questions as well as providing specific information on winterization and storage your RV that may be particular to the climate in your area. There are two generally accepted methods of winterizing an RVs fresh water system. Compressed Air Dry Method Uses compressed air to blow out any remaining water in the system after draining the system of all water.

This method requires an air compressor and appropriate adapters. We’ll cover the procedures for both methods in turn. Many late-model RVs include a by-pass valve kit that allows the plumbing system to bypass the hot water heater, reducing the amount of anti-freeze that will be needed Without a by-pass kit installed, an additional 6 10 gallons of anti-freeze will be required.

If your RV doesnt have one we recommend you install one. The by-pass kits are available at most RV service centers for a reasonable price and can be installed easily before winterization. RV Winterizing with Compressed Air With By-Pass Kit Installed If using the compressed air method, a special adapter should be purchased to allow compressed air to be delivered through the city water fill.

These adapters are available at most RV supply stores.

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Stay at the Movies! Located in one of the many valleys between the Cascade Mountain Range and the Coastal Mountain Range, Hi-Way Haven RV Park is a unique camping facility offering premium accommodations, natural beauty, and plentiful activities. The park is located in Sutherlin, Oregon, an outdoor lovers paradise, and is near many area and natural attractions.

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If you want to have an urban camping experience, this campground is for you. You hear a lot of road noise, planes flying above and a train. The sites offer very little privacy. We were on site , which is against the park fence. The sites on this side were long and very narrow, so you are right up against your neighbor. Tents in the site next to us were literally touching our picnic table.

We loved all the tall pines in the park which provided lots of shade, however, it makes for difficulty situating your travel trailer so that you can open your slides and awning. We were lucky and were able to do get both slides and the awning out, but can imagine there could be difficulty in other sites. The shared power box was confusing as well and you may need a longer than normal power cord to be able to reach depending on the site you get.

We were camping the first week the park opened, so only the west loop was open and the bath house for this loop was not very nice. It was definitely older and my sister-in-law tried to shower in one of the narrow, dark shower stalls and couldn’t get any warm water. A couple of days later, the bath house in the middle loop opened and it was a nice, new facility with great individual showers that were clean and new and had plenty of hot water.

We found out later there was a problem with the hot water in our bath house, which explained the cold shower!

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Park Website Buttonwood Bay is the perfect combination of unparalleled comforts, climate and fun activities that make Florida living attractive. We are located in Central Florida, amidst the orange groves and bass fishing lakes, away from the congestion and high price of the coast, yet we have the conveniences of city lifestyle. Our community is located in south-central Florida, in the City of Sebring, just 80 miles from both coasts and the major attractions.

Here life is peaceful, uncongested and alive with year-round fun. Our clubhouses provide more than 16, sq. Buttonwood Bay is famous for the wide variety of activities it boasts.

Campgrounds & RV Parks in Bossier City Louisiana Campgrounds & RV Parks Whether your idea of camping is an evening under the stars in a tent or rolling in with an RV, there are beautiful campgrounds in Louisiana, along with a full range of Louisiana RV parks to suit your needs.

Share Tweet Resorts typically have more amenities than your average RV parks and campgrounds. These unique places also have something extra for guests during their stay. You can reserve one of their s classic cars to watch the movie from, bring your own lawn chair, or sprawl out a picnic blanket on the grass. To make it a real cinema-like experience, they also have a snack shack with popcorn, candy, and bottles of pop for sale.

RVers can pick between spacious pull-through sites with full hookups or more secluded spots hidden among sagebrush. Their Airstream trailers are each uniquely decorated like a dressing trailer from an old Hollywood movie. Simply sign up in the front office by adding your name to the list. If possible, sign up early because they only have seating for 18 people. They offer full hookup sites with cable TV and access to all of their facilities.

The resort is set within the Arizona desert less than an hour from Tucson. This RV resort has its own western theme park along with over campsites ranging from primitive to full hookup waterfront sites. Old-timey saloons are located across the theme park and serve a variety of food and drinks. A short five-minute drive from the resort is Assateague National Seashore with miles of sandy beach along the Atlantic Coast.

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The state was once a major agricultural producer but has since lessened its dependence on agriculture, and its economy is now more dependent on the fields of biotechnology, manufacturing, government services, and finance and insurance services. Iowa is a mixture of urban cities and rural communities, making it one state that has retained its old-world charm and appeal.

There are so many places to visit and see in Iowa that will surprise even seasoned travelers.

Apr 01,  · When working correctly, the one hookup to city water fills the storage tank and also provides demand water to the sinks, toilet without the need for the water pump. What is now happening is that the tank fills and then : Resolved.

Today, in Landmark, Heartland uses the Anderson 4-way valve. It’s a water selector of sorts. When City water is connected, you select where you want that water to go by rotating the handle to the various positions. In the City position, it pressurizes the RV water system and life is good. Lately, I’ve noticed water coming out of my fresh water tank vent line where on my Key Largo, is through the I-beam frame rail, near the top, under the entertainment slide area.

Today, I removed the bulkhead wall being the UDC while a couple rally attendees pals assisted with lights, tools, theories and advice. Removed the input to the water pump, turned the water on at the hydrant and had water pushing through the pump. So, really obvious that this is how the water is getting in.

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Free WiFi is available throughout the campground. Many groups and families make us a yearly stop during their vacation travel and planning. The Royal Gorge entrance is only one mile away from our RV park, many of our RVsites, tenting, and cabins have a great view of the Royal Gorge Bridge directly from your campsite and the bridge really stands out in the late-day sunshine. The Royal Gorge Bridge is the highest suspension bridge in the world, soaring high over the Arkansas River.

Fishing this river can be quite an experience, and local reservoirs provide some of Colorado’s most exciting trout fishing.

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Plus it makes a whistling sound when the hot water is running. The sound seems to be coming from or near water heater. I have replaced the connector and pressure valve where you hook it to city water. It still has low pressure in the bathroom; especially the hot water has very low pressure. Any help would be appreciated! Remove the faucet strainer at the outlet of that bathroom faucet set. It simply unscrews from the outlet.

There may also be a flow restrictor component inside, depending on the brand of faucet used in your motorhome. A flow diverter may also be present; usually a white plastic piece with holes in it. It basically directs the output flow to a certain pattern. Be sure all the components in the tap outlet are clean and free from all obstructions.

Additionally, some faucet assemblies have removable stems for both the hot and cold faucet valves. In some cases, these can be removed for cleaning. Again, it depends on which brand the manufacturer originally installed.

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Whether you stay in an RV site, tent site, or cabin we hope to inspire adventure and create a revitalizing and comfortable camping experience. We also have group tent sites for family reunions and gatherings of friends. We are a dog and cat friendly campground with a lot of open space for your fur babies to run around.

Find great camping in and around Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Read trusted reviews of Oklahoma City RV Parks & Campgrounds from campers just like you.

There is a check valve that is supposed to keep the water from doing what it sounds like it is now doing. My guess is that the check valve is bad or now disassembled. What did you take out last year? When you winterize, there is nothing that you should need to do with the city water connection other then blow some air through it. I agree, Chris It sounds like the check valve is stuck open. The check valve is located immediately behind that screen on the city water hose connection.

That hose connection is hooked to a line that joins the water system lines just after downstream of the water pump. The check valve is installed to stop water from flowing backwards thru the city water line when the pump is in use. But when winterizing with antifreeze, as I do, I let the pump suck the antifeeze right out of the jug and into the water system. Every faucet should be opened until pink antifreeze is flowing out. And the very last thing to do, is to remove the screen on the city water connection and push the check valve IN, to let antifreeze fill that line between the pump and the hose connection.

Stand aside, lest you get sprayed with antifreeze. Mine did just that after two seasons and would always dribble water when using the pump – and the pump would kick on for a couple seconds every 5 minutes, to bring the pressure back up after the dribble let it depressurize. Not only was it annoying, but a lot of water got dribbled away when dry camping.

RV Repair – Check Valve Fail – City Water Connection Leak