Evening of the Dragonfly, Book Signing, May 9 book cover book cover Posted by Mary Montague Sikes, Community Contributor Author and artist Mary Montague Sikes has added a new twist to book promotion – she has created a one-person exhibition for her main character. Since Farrah Ferand, the heroine of her new novel, Evening of the Dragonfly, is also an artist who is painting work for a one-person show, creating art to go with book signings sounded like a good idea. For this project, Sikes has produced 19 new paintings. Most of them are watercolor on stretched canvas, using intense colors made by Robert Doak in his studio in Brooklyn NY. The other paintings are acrylic on canvas or a combination of acrylic and watercolor. Sikes will hang the Farrah Ferand heroine of the novel paintings at Crossroads Art Center in Richmond for her May 15 book signing there. She will be available to discuss her art work and book from 6 to 9 p.

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A red disk painted in Spain’s El Castillo cave is at least 40, years old according to the same dating method, making it the oldest known cave art, and a hand stencil there is 37, years old.

Rating Newest Oldest Best Answer: I’d say your guiding rule of thumb here would be to do something that matches the expression you’re trying to get across in your art, without standing out too much on it’s own. Signature on art is the same as signature on paper – it’s there to show authenticity – but you have to be careful not to detract from the piece. I have no problem with mixing media – some media just doesn’t do signatures well!

However, be wise about it.. If your work has lots of bold strokes and lines, do a thick marker or ink. But if you’re doing very delicate work, or pastels, or something like that, I would probably suggest a fine tip ink, or perhaps a chinese inking brush? I would suggest signing on the front, but titling on the back – I have seen few pieces that put a title successfully on the front – only prints of existing pieces, such as posters of Monet and such.

If you wish to date it, and can do so in a subtle manner, you can do so by your name, but I would probably do so on the back with the title – once again it’s more for if your piece ever becomes collectable, so that people know when you did it at what phase in your life or for your own knowledge. I wouldn’t go out of the way to “do something that hasn’t been done”, as – more than likely – most of it has been done at some point or another.

Just do something to identify yourself as the artist. Many people do a quick scribble of their first initial and last name, or first and last name with the letters in between simplified in kind of a loose manner. More than likely your artist signature will evolve over time, and that’s okay.

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Recent projects include “Lucian’s Pre-segmentalation din-dins” at the Newcross gallery in London. It was a solo showing of new paintings and prints on the Mudwig favoured subject matter, dog.

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Click to playTap to play The video will start in 8Cancel Play now Get daily updates directly to your inbox Subscribe Thank you for subscribingWe have more newsletters Show me See our privacy notice Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email The family of a retired builder who died aged 86 were left stunned when they found an incredible legacy of hundreds of paintings tucked away inside his home. Eric Tucker, who lived alone and died in July, was known to be a former boxer and a funny character who you’d usually find at Wetherspoons pub or in the bookies.

But his family had no idea of his huge body of work, totalling amazing paintings and thousands of sketches. Read More Baby girl diagnosed with brain tumour – after parents spotted THIS simple symptom It was only as his brother Tony Tucker, 76, and sister Karen, 67, started started sorting through his cluttered home on King George Crescent, Warrington, before his death that they discovered the works. Tony told the ECHO: His family has turned Eric’s home into an exhibition space Image:

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At first glance, you could be forgiven for believing that these images look like an intimate set of snapshots caught by the photographer at exactly the right time. However, these touching shower scenes were not captured by a camera – but amazingly painted by the hand of a New York artist. Applying paintbrush to canvas, Alyssa Monks pays mind-boggling attention to detail to create them. And the year-old, who has insisted that she uses no tools in her paintings, has boasted that her creations look even more life-like than photographs.

Artist Alyssa Monks created this incredible life-like portrait of a woman peering through a steamed up shower screen in Smirk In one picture, a girl peeps out from inside a steamed up shower and peers into the camera lens. And in another, a woman wearing a bikini floats effortlessly under water, showing off her recently engaged finger. I have used my own image many times because I do not have to worry about issues of self-consciousness that might arise with models.

A boy swims to the surface of a pool in Fish ‘The paintings are very intricate and they take a lot of work to get right.

Signing & Dating Your Work

Enjoy the past comments below for Signing and dating… From: Faith — Jun 18, A hot tip for signing dogs: Take a nail scissors and carefully clip your signature into the right flank of the animal.

Maintenance of Signs and Sign Supports: A Guide for Local Roads Maintenance Personnel. 5. operation, and maintenance of signs (see, for example, The Traffic Signing Handbook), there are a few key principles that are critical for traffic signs to be effective. having a phone number on the sign dating sticker on the sign is recommended.

Print Email Do you sign all of your art? Many artists decide to not sign artworks because they think it interferes with the composition. I have been guilty of this myself. I did not autograph a couple paintings produced during my early years as an artist. I certainly wish I had signed them! Unless the individuals can remember I painted those artworks, or they wrote my name on the back themselves, I will forever be forgotten as the artist. In recent years, I have been signing my artworks on the back.

But, with my current unseen collection, I will be focusing more on having a signature on the front. Here are some general rules and guidelines of artwork signature signing that I am being guided by.

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Lalique: Fakes, Imitations, Forged Marks. Rene Lalique () was one of the most successful artist/designers of all time. He was successful designing jewelry, wallpaper, textiles, and commercial packaging but it is his glass wares that brought him the most fame.

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How Much Is My Old Painting Worth? Research, Appraise, and Sell

Kristen McQuinn Early human history has always been a source of fascination to me. I want to be as scientifically literate as a layman can be. Then I saw this article and was utterly enthralled. I have never been a person to feel threatened by the idea that Neanderthals could teach things to Homo sapiens, or that the two likely interbred, or that they were here first. I like the idea that Neanderthals and H.

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Frequently Asked Questions – Digital FineArt Why does the colours on my monitor not look the same as those on the reproduction? The final reproduction is impacted by several factors, including: In general monitors and printers mix colour in different ways. A monitor produces colour by lighting up the required colours to be mixed and then mixing them. Reprographic colour printing starts with a piece of white paper instead of the black screen of a cathode ray tube.

The printer uses four colours Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, blacK — known as CMYK that are mixed with each other as required during the printing process to produce individual colours. Because the coverage of the colour spectrum differs between the two, a colour profile is used to eliminate the differences.

Should You Sign Your Art?