Article this morning in the OCR on the Ladies! Meet the season 5 cast of ‘Real Housewives of O. But “Real Housewives of Orange County” has stood the test of time, attracting millions of viewers across the country and the world. The season finales in and earlier this year drew more than 2 million U. Ours may be magnified. But I think we help them through some of the things in their lives. Most of the women are well-to-do, although the faltering economy has hit every housewife in its own way. Many of them have been involved in real estate, which has tanked in Orange County over the past few years.

Tamara Palmer

Bryant left after the first season. Tammy Knickerbocker joined the cast for the second season which premiered on January 16, Bryant appeared as a guest.

According to blogger Tamara Tattles, Kenya Moore of Real Housewives of Atlanta is officially a married woman. Kenya has been in St. Lucia for over a week with a man she has been dating for 8 months.

R24 Real Housewives of Orange County writing credits. This show is not scripted. It’s manipulating their real lives to get the most drama possible. Who knows what those writing credits are for. Bear in mind the women consult with producers and writers about their depicted characters, tape multiple takes at small restaurant tables surrounded by a dozen lighting, camera, sound technicians and producers and line editors, attend and IG cast and crew wrap parties, and participate in salacious tabloid stories that serve as promotions for upcoming seasons of the show during hiatus and for episodes during the airing season.

It is exactly as produced as fictional entertainment. It’s not a secret anymore. Go back and watch I Love Lucy. Half the episodes of that show exposed how the entertainment business promotes through totally artificial tabloid scandals, and all of it is still applied to reality TV as well as big-budget celebrity relationships that sell movies and music.

Tamra Judge

But now at 21, Willa Holland is all grown up, and making a name for herself in the new superhero series Arrow. In a new spread for Wonderland magazine, the young star shows off her more mature side as she bares her toned midriff in a monochrome ensemble. Arrow star Willa Holland shows off her more mature side as she bares her toned midriff in a monochrome ensemble in Wonderland magazine The pretty brunette, who stars as Thea Queen in the CW Network action-adventure, looks chic and fashion forward in a black and white checked long-sleeve top and matching trousers.

With her hair out in soft waves and minimal make-up on her complexion, the blue-eyed chameleon certainly has the looks which have also helped her have successful career as a model. In an interview with the magazine, the starlet says living in Hollywood her whole life has forced her to grow up very quickly.

Watch video · In April , Real Housewives of Orange County audiences watched Gretchen Rossi flipped the script and proposed to her longtime boyfriend, Slade Smiley. Fast .

Mostly because it is a bit early for contracts to be handed out. In general, this is not done until the complete season including the reunion shows are aired. However, it appears that due to the numerous adjustments that are going to be made to the show for next season, the axe is falling and changes are being made already. I did not want to believe some of it but my source has never been wrong so prepare yourself for the news. Please link and credit if referencing on your blog.

Clearly, the headline is good news. The shocker is the reason she is out. According to my well-placed spies, Dina Manzo is coming back. Bravo had to make some serious concessions to get her back and the biggest one was to fire Jaqueline. Apparently, these two despise each other like no other. You can expect to start seeing a flurry of drunken Jac tweets at any moment.

I expect her to spew hatred toward Dina like a volcano all over the Internet for this. Dina returning is supposed to accomplish of few things.

Bones: 6 Things You Didn’t Know about Tamara Taylor

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The Real Housewives of Melbourne – 4 Nov You’ve met Beverly Hills, New York and Atlanta, but now it’s time to meet our real housewives of Melbourne.

Tonight you will meet our newest member, Gina. This is the first time we have had someone from the East Coast, which I think is great. She sure has her hands full with those three little ones during the week while Matt works in LA. I was really shocked that Kelly was so upset about Michael dating and that she would have been upset that we went out with them a few times.

Kelly made it very clear she wanted to divorce her husband Michael. She was dating immediately following the divorce and was actually very excited, describing herself as free and so happy that she was single. Kelly even said as you witnessed , how she wished Michael would start dating. Keep in mind Steve and Michael are still close friends and see each other often. It would be logical Steve and I would see who he was dating and even spend time with them, so I am awe struck at the outrage Kelly has demonstrated towards me.

Is it really outrage, or is she concealing some underlying unresolved feelings she still has for Michael? The person Michael dated for a short time is a friend of mine. Both her and Michael asked me to keep their relationship confidential. They told me that they wanted to share that information with Kelly when they thought the time was right.

Exclusive: Jacqueline Laurita Fired from Real Housewives of New Jersey

In the lengthy statement, which was shared on Dropbox via Twitter, Simon revealed his intention was to ‘set the record straight with facts, truths, not fabrications and accusations. Tamra Judge’s ex-husband Simon Barney released a statement to ‘set the record straight’ on his situation with his family – here the former couple are pictured in in Los Angeles He wrote: Tamra, pictured in New York in July, expressed concern for the welfare of her and Simon’s eldest daughter Sidney over numerous interviews Simon then cites court statements that declared the ‘Court finds that the father is not involved in any type of alienating conduct in this case.

The decision was made after Sidney ‘expressed a desire to speak with the court’ when she appeared at her parent’s hearing that day, RadarOnline reported. In , the Real Housewives Of Orange County star tied the knot with Eddie Judge – here the couple are pictured in Hollywood in In court documents obtained by the website, the judge determined Sidney did not have to attend the program after speaking with her and learning she was ‘reluctant to see and have a relationship with her mother.

Tamra tearfully spoke about the situation on Watch What Happens Live in July, where she said the situation was ‘a bad case of parental alienation.

Both Tamara and Eddie put her OTT reaction down to the alcohol she had consumed, however Tamara seemed to be getting more and more uneasy when the four of them were traveling to Catalina in the limo. Heather, whoa.. 3rd episode in and she is certainly full on and opinionated.

Email Copy Link Copied As we all know, the rich and famous lead a lavish lifestyle filled with ambiance and glamour. Tabloids and news clips are dripping with juicy details of their private moments. Is there a backstory to how they got in a certain situation? What information did these media sources leave out? Their public image can be compromised if a story is complete slander or a defamation of character. Luckily for us, we can watch the drama and determination unfold as they rake in their fortune on reality shows such as The Real Housewives series.

From New York City to Los Angeles and Atlanta to New Jersey, these housewives have learned how to climb the ladder of success and hold their own, making sure they are recognized as business women and not gold diggers. Through family troubles, legal disputes, medical issues, appearances on other shows, and becoming savvy business women, they’ve created a life most of us can only dream of.

Lisa and her husband, Todd , raked in their fortune through over a dozen bars, restaurants and clubs. Lisa indulges herself in the finer things life has to offer such as diamonds and roses. As vain as that sounds, Lisa is quite the philanthropist and is involved in numerous charities. She also started a sangria line known as LVP Sangria, a skincare company known as Epione and writes for multiple publications such as Beverly Hills Lifestyle magazine.

The couple pled guilty on a few counts and were sentenced to a mere month jail sentence as opposed to the 50 years they could have been subjected to.

Tamra Barney Married: ‘Real Housewives’ Star Weds Eddie Judge (PHOTO)

After all, where would we be without these women? Such is the paradox of the Housewives franchise. Sometimes the best people are truly the worst, and most certainly vice versa.

Ever since Gretchen Rossi joined ‘The Real Housewives of Orange County’ she has been in the center of drama. She was hard to like with her Barbie Doll ways and her nasty jabs at the other castmates.

They ooo and ahhh over the baby. Meghan is so excited to be back in Orange County. Then we hear how Shannon has gained 40lbs. Meghan suggests, maybe Shannon has gained weight because she is unhappy in her marriage. That sounds correct mathematically, right? My closed caption has a doctorate in psychology. Meghan has invited Vicki and nobody is excited about it. I hate when people have babies and turn into assholes. I guess even if you are having financial trouble you can go on vacation to Hawaii.

So then Jesus came down the mountain and everyone got laid. Lydia and Doug sit the kid down for the sex talk.

‘Real Housewives” Tamra Barney rebounds with estranged husband Simon Barney’s friend, Eddie Judge

The show’s title and introduction alludes to the ABC show Desperate Housewives [4] as well as the Fox teen drama The OC and touts itself as these two fictional shows’ “real-life” counterpart. TVgasm Archives 10 January 2: Unlike a true documentary , however, Bravo has monetarily compensated the show participants for their filming time. The show’s first season premiered on March 21,

Tags: Bravo, Gretchen Rossi, Jeana Keough, Lauri Waring, Lynne Curtin, real housewives of orange county casting, Tamra Barney, The Real housewives of orange county, Vicki Gunvalson Seems like one or more of the OC housewives will not be back for the next season as Bravo is now looking for new housewives!

Sep 19, at 9: Since the affair, the couple has come a long way to put the past behind them, even renewing their vows in a surprise ceremony this season on Real Housewives of Orange County. McMackin has apparently tried to move on in her own marriage as well since the news of the affair broke. Read on for the facts on the affair, McMackin and life after cheating.

We have done our best to work through our issues in private. Nicole understands that she made a terrible mistake and there has been an incredible price paid by both families.

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Kenya has bid us all a fond adieu on the Bravo blog! Click through to read. Despite the outlandish theatrics and wild accusations thrown at me during Reunion Part 3, I stand firm in my opinion that Apollo is a nice guy who happens to be in a bad situation. Apollo and I had initially communicated via group text and emails when collaborating on the workout video. We were amiable to one another even after the deal fell through and remained cordial.

Despite his desperate outburst, neither of us acted inappropriately.

Doug McLaughlin is a successful entrepreneur, who is in support of his wife’s decision to rejoin the cast of The Real Housewives of Orange a cool net worth of $ million and lots of creative ideas, McLaughlin is all set to make his dreams come true.

Real Housewivees of OC Confess: Aight, Jeana looks like she had something done on her face. It worked for her. We hope not cuz Jeana is far too good of a person to be hangin with those fucking bitches! Now you know that she did and you can stop askin us. Tamra Barney got work done. The bitch had cheek implants.

“Housewives” ex-husband: Fame is a drug